Best Fundraising Platforms Comparison & Reviews 2023

Here are the two Panorama subscription packages offered by FirstGiving and what each gives you in features. There’s no word on whether donors get sent a tax-deductible receipt or not. Zack Miller wrote about crowdfunding for The Balance and is the founder and editor of Tearsheet. Remember to be safe when making the payment and when exchanging the goods.
Children and parents can participate together, which makes this an ideal activity for the entire family. Plus, with the emphasis on fitness, a walkathon is an excellent choice for recreational activity, while promoting public awareness. Also, these fundraisers don’t have the option to give out anything in return. Some clubs sell snacks to raise funds, but with companies like SnapRaise, you get nothing in return for the donation.
They capitalize on existing resources and become all about raising money while enjoying a showcase by your supporters. There are zero platform fees when you use our free pricing model for crowdfunding, events, raffles, sweepstakes & a-thons. Optional tips from supporters at checkout allow us to offer the platform free of charge. We’re getting halfway through our list of 10 Non-profit and personal fundraising websites.
Simply partner with an online shopping program that has connections to retailers that are popular with your supporters. Then, instruct your supporters to start making purchases through your program’s app or browser extension. A shoe drive fundraiser makes a great standalone event but can also be combined with other unique fundraising ideas. Let’s dive a little deeper and explore some other top unique fundraising ideas. For your nonprofit to directly raise funds on Mightycause, it needs to be registered as a 501(c)(3) public charity in the US. However, if your organization doesn’t yet have 501(c)(3) status or is based outside the US, you may still be able to use Mightycause for fundraising.
This event can take place at a coffee shop (if it’s in your budget), at someone’s home or your venue of choice. It’s a great opportunity to share some warm drinks and snacks with community members, and for people to showcase their talents (singing, dancing, poetry, etc). How can Fundraising Site turn something everyone already loves into a fundraiser? By partnering with a local spa, your event attendees will pay to enjoy the basic services—sauna, hot tubs, champagne, snacks—and a portion of any add-ons they schedule can go to your cause. You’ll need either a nursery to make a donation or to grow your own seedlings or flowers to sell.
It’s important to understand how you’ll be billed before you hire a nonprofit consultant and sign a contract. The more intensive your project is, the more expensive it will be. For example, hiring a nonprofit consultant for a one-day board retreat will cost much less than hiring one to plan and guide your team through a capital campaign. A favorite among schools and districts, DonorsChoose makes it easy to crowdfund for things like school trips and classroom supplies. They have financial transparency and features that make it easier for administrators to know what projects are getting funded in their schools. They even have a Teacher Guide to Success to help make the process even easier.